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We are already a month into 2020 and looking ahead to another great year. SHOT 2020 was a blast, albeit not much different than SHOT 2019. But to go there is to cultivate relationships and network with other like-minded individuals.

For this year, Cadre plans to expand our training calendar to hold more courses. We are constantly asked, "when are you guys holding your next [INSERT CLASS HERE]" and the lame-duck answer is always, "we're not sure yet." But to clarify, there are many factors at play to run a tactics-based program. Number one is finding time. We have full-time jobs, working on SWAT and training our own agency. So to run a 3 or 5 day class requires us to take leave from that job, especially since we hold most of the courses during the work week to accommodate most agency's scheduling. A year's worth of classes can eat up a considerable amount of leave time and we still have families to consider. The other consideration is ensuring we can lock down suitable training venues. To run a successful CQB or Hostage Rescue class requires real estate. In this day and age, finding abandoned buildings willing to allow law enforcement training with Simunitions is a daunting task. A shoot house will only take you so far. The environments need to be complex and unpredictable to maximize training value.

With all that being said, we intend to run more programs throughout 2020 locally in South Florida. But we are always open to agencies that can host a program. We are flexible and will do whatever we can to accommodate needs.

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